PES officially adopted primary !


The party of European socialists, convened in Brussels, has made an historical leap on november 24. Concluding on the lines of thought opened one year before in Warsaw, PES has decided that the socialist candidate running for the presidency of the Commission in 2014 will be designated through a system of primary.

The following bare guidelines have been laid down:


– The procedure should be open and transparent.

– All member parties should feel ownership over the process.

– The procedure will therefore respect the different traditions in our parties in a flexible way.

– The procedure should be coherent so as to ensure the credibility of the process.

– The process should allow a competition of candidates.


Candidates will be proposed and supported by national parties. Each party will then decide upon the candidates according to it own rules, provided that they assure direct or indirect consultation of members, and ratification of the result by a democratically-elected body. The wording of the resolution has been carved to prevent in any party the confiscation of the debate by a central comitee. It does not however excplicitely consider opening primary beyond party members.


The decision taken thursday is a decisive step, and has the potential to deeply transforme Europe, for the best !

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