It worked in France !


The French Parti Socialiste has just designated his presidential candidate, François Hollande, through open primaries. Poul Nyrup Rasmussen has praised heavily this process, which led a revigorated party and has stirred public interest into democracy.


Well, how about European primaries?


“The PS should be praised for their level of organisation, the level of participation, the openness of the method, and above all for the spirit of civilised debate between the candidates”.

This was the message from PES President, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen on the successful running of the Parti Socialiste Primaries in France.

He added that the whole process; “is a genuinely participative exercise in democracy”. With the second round run-off between the top two candidates scheduled for this Sunday (16 October), PES Secretary General, Philip Cordery added that; “the PES looks forward to pledging support to the successful candidate, whoever he or she may be, and looks forward to all of progressive France getting behind that candidate for the Presidential elections campaign next year”.



PES President, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen said that; “Francois has established a real bond with the French people by presenting a clear alternative to the failed policies of President Sarkozy. Today’s result illustrates how well he has connected with the people and how much trust he has inspired. Next May I am very confident that trust will be repaid”. Mr. Rasmussen added that; “A victory next May would be good for France, but also for the people of Europe. Across the continent there is a mood of progressive change taking hold”.

The Primary process was notable for its high participation among French citizens and also for the civilized tone between the candidates. Commentators emphasised the strongly positive public reaction to this exercise in participative democracy. The Parti Socialiste, already lauded for its success in organising the primaries, has emerged invigorated and unified from the process. This strong sense of coherence augurs well for the run up to next year’s election.


PES Secretary General, Philip Cordery added that; “As Francois Hollande stated, it is now time to unite and redouble our efforts for May 2012. The huge advantage of this Primaries process, is that Francois knows that he has a reinvigorated and united Parti Socialiste behind him”.


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