Daniel Cohn-Bendit for an european primary involving PES, ALDE, Greens and GUE


On a campaign to support Eva Joly for the french presidential election, Daniel Conhn Bendit has declared himself on the 14th of March in favour of a 27- continental primary  to determine the candidate to the presidence of the European Commission in 2014. In his view, such a primary should no be limited the the PES, but should also bring together ALDE, GUE and the Greens.

Declaring himself avalaible for candidacy in the name of the Greens, he has also cited other names, in the persons of Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt and Jean-Luc Mélenchon « if he abandons his national garters ». The winner would lead a coalition in the European election and enter the Commission if there is a majority. Such a unified primary would take place under a « democratic pact for social, ecological and democratic transformation ».

While we are very interested about this position and do believe that a democratic Europe will need clear electoral coalitions, we are of a mind that such a leap cannot be reached in 2014. The mere idea of pure PES primary takes root slowly, and we fear that too eager an ambition might jeopardize the fragile process.

Let us call it an open debate for 2019?

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