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The campaign for a PES primary is run by PES activists in different countries of Europe.


We do believe that the European Union has reached a point of development where the lack of actual democracy is not acceptable nor efficient anymore. The feeling experienced by citizens that they have no say in european matters is deeply unhealthy, and the absence of a common ground in the institutions on subjects such as the economic crisis or diplomacy is a grave concern.


In order to revive democracy , we propose to start with changing the rules of the european elections, by focusing them on the choice of an european leader. Hence the primary.


We also are socialists and social democrats, and consider that a european democracy calls for a strong Party of european socialists.

We believe that there is room for progress in three areas :

– Activists should have the same directs rights in PES that they have in their national parties; the PES cannot stay a pure conglomerate of national organisations

– The delegates at PES congresses and conventions should be chosen democratically inside the national parties;  some do, some simply decide at the head, depriving the party of a debate about Europe

– The PES itself should have more independance from national parties to determine the european policy it will follow; more internal democracy could lead to this

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